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Our process

Blink IT Solutions is a boutique software development company focused on web technologies. Fully equipped with the right development tools and eager to transform your idea as quick as possible into a valuable product.

Blink IT Solutions development team
  • Storyboards, Mockups,
  • Weekly feedback
  • Design UI, Write code,
  • Weekly updates


Your idea is no longer just a thought. Now you can see it in its best outfit.

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the Process


Top-quality custom web application development is our core business here at Blink IT Solutions. Our team of web specialists will make use of their rich experience and their utility belt consisting of the latest technologies to help businesses of any size achieve their goals.

Being involved in the development of several high-complexity eGovernment solutions for one of our biggest clients helped us fine-tune the best practices in developing enterprise grade web applications. Our process guide puts huge emphasis on good customer collaboration, user interface driven architecture and high quality code.

  • design
  • development
    Business Application Development
  • api
    API Development



At Blink IT Solutions we love HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Web Design (RWD), SASS, Modular JavaScript, RequireJs, CoffeeScript, Web Performance Optimization (WPO).

Our latest infatuation being this long underestimated prototype-based language called JavaScript. We are fully embracing the Single Page Application paradigm for the building-up of the content-rich web applications. Developing Node.js applications is great, we love it! Still many of our projects are developed with Microsoft technologies (ASP.NET MVP and MVC architectures).

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"Design for every device"
"Content is the king, usability is the queen!"

These great principles are the foundation of user experience design that will unquestionably convert your business customers. And we are fully committed to them!

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the Process

client communication

We like to think that good client collaboration overpasses anything.
Deliver features as soon as possible, publish them on the testing server. You, our client, accept or reject the features. Then iterate, again and again. Assuming this agile workflow assures no bad surprises at the end of the project and your initial idea is evolving into the exact shape you envisaged.


Purpose, direction

  • define the purpose of the application,
  • set-up the goals,
  • identify the target audience,
  • describe the content


  • write down the functional specifications,
  • create the storyboard,
  • write agile user stories : As a (role) I want (something) so that (benefit)
  • choose mix of technologies used in development

Prototype & Design

  • create visual prototype incorporating to some extent major user's interactions,
  • wireframe the major screens,
  • design layout,
  • interface design

Develop, Execution and Testing

  • development of features,
  • weekly publish of features,
  • testing, bug-fixing
  • deliver



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